I want to give things away!

But until I’m properly published (“Distracting the Duke” comes out with Entangled Publishing on 20th February 2017), readers will just have to be tantalised by FREE books on Wattpad and some nice pictures of Regency costume. Most of my stories so far are Regency, and I just adore historical costume, so that’s the reason, in case you were wondering!

Lady and Gentleman in Regency fashions from 1807

Walking Dress 1807



My Lady’s Favour is currently available on Wattpad. You will need to set up a free Wattpad account in order to read it.

My Lady’s Favour by Elizabeth Keysian

How can a knight rescue a damsel from the distress of a loveless marriage when the bridegroom is his own cousin? Hampshire 1338. England is on the brink of war with the French, belief in witchcraft is rife and folklore and Arthurian literature have as deep a hold on the minds of the nobility as religion. Scarred by ill-fortune, Richard St. Aubyn discovers the woman of his dreams in the house of his cousin, Gilbert de Waltham. But the Lady Elena, thrown onto the mercy of the de Walthams after her father’s treachery against his king, is already betrothed to Gilbert. Elena, treated more like a possession than a person, does not love Gilbert, and is instantly struck by strong feelings for the handsome, courageous Richard. But a quarrel between her two suitors could lead to dishonour and even death, and when a rival to Elena arrives at the castle and accuses her of witchcraft, Richard prepares to sacrifice himself in order to save her.

Book cover  for My Lady's Favour

Free medieval romance available on Wattpad

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