You missed a great party but don’t worry, there’s another one planned!

I went to a fab Facebook party last night to celebrate some Entangled Scandalous new releases. I’ve been waiting for people to wake up and get over their hangovers so I can announce my winners. ARE YOU UP NOW??? Good. Here goes.
Winner of giveaway #3, Jane Austen biography and Regency fashion print is Jennifer Becker. Congrats!
Winner of giveaway #2, Georgette Heyer book and Regency fashion print is Linda Kay Stults. Well done, Linda!
Winner of giveaway #1, signed paperback copy of “Distracting the Duke” and Regency Fashion print is Deb Jones Diem. Good work, Deb!
FullSizeRender 7Thank you to Holly Bryant-Simpson for letting me participate, and I hope all the new books from Callie Hutton, Frances Fowlkes and Lily Maxton just fly off the shelves, both real and virtual!
If you didn’t know about this party, don’t worry. There’s another one on May 23rd where more terrific giveaways will be on offer- Romance or Ruin? I’ll also be celebrating the release of my second book with Entangled Scandalous, “Unmasking the Earl”. Cover reveal coming shortly!

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