A Teaser Excerpt from Vanquishing the Viscount



James stood by the fireplace, one booted foot resting on the empty fender, his hands clasped behind his back, emphasizing the breadth of his shoulders. Despite the heat of the day, his white neck linen was crisply pristine, his face fresh and smooth, framed by hair recently cut into the fashionable windswept style. With his long legs encased in tight-fitting buckskins and his light blue tailcoat, he looked extremely dashing.


His gaze fastened on her as soon as she entered the room, and he stepped forward to give her a smart bow before brushing a kiss across the back of her hand.

All her bravado melted away.

20 responses

  1. charlene capodice | Reply

    a really good read!


  2. Suzannah Clark | Reply

    Wow absolutely loved this preview. James sounds like such a contradiction – so horrible and nasty to Emma and yet the image of a hero as he strides in to see Belinda. Loved it. can’t wait to read more


  3. you know I am in love with your books can’t wait to read more.


  4. Sounds like a great story. I can’t wait to read more about Emma and James.


  5. Wow, those 3 chapters aren’t enough for me. I loved this peek. It was funny and who doesn’t love a romance that starts with hate. Thanks for the seek peek and the chance to win the books.


  6. Elaine Mattheus | Reply

    Chapter teasers! Sadly, I can’t read them! When I find the books in the book store, too often I think that I’ve already read them! So I limit myself to blurbs only! It works! Wishing you continued success!


  7. I loved reading the preview for your book. I am looking forward to reading the entire story. Thank you for sharing, and Thank you for the chance to win.


  8. Now I am hooked. I can’t wait to read the rest. Great tease.


  9. These are awesome chapters that drew me into the story! Thanks!


  10. What an excellent ending! I can’t wait to read more!


  11. Thank you for sharing the sneak peek. I would love to read Vanquishing the Viscount.


  12. Thank you sooo much for the chance to enter!! ❤️❤️❤️


  13. Thanks for sharing the sneak peek!! Between that and that cover I have to read more❤️


  14. Love it when you’re drawn into a book from page 1 & you’ve certainly done that!


  15. Patricia Taylor | Reply

    Great story. I can’t wait for the rest.


  16. Kat Tolle Wiley | Reply

    I am going to be honest with you Elizabeth!! Because I read sooo many books, I can’t read the excerpts or I think I have already read the book especially if it is a book I really want to read, like your books!! Thanks!!


    1. Wait until A Potion for Passion comes out. You won’t be able to confuse that with any other book, I promise! Lol! Do you want to be entered into the contest?


  17. Omg! Love it so fsr



    Oh Wow – absolutely love this book – have to read the rest and the entire series – love it!!!


  19. Patricia Addison | Reply

    Finished the book – really enjoyed it


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