If you like my books, you’ll LOVE this news!

If you don’t mind, I’d love to share my Big News.

I have… takes deep breath… signed a FIVE book deal with Kathryn Le Veque’s Dragonblade Publishing house! I am so thrilled about this, and about the fact I’ll be writing stories set in the time of King Henry VIII and the amazing Queen Elizabeth I. This is a favourite era of mine, not least because I spent a lot of time in my younger days as a Tudor re-enactor. The series is called Trysts and Treachery, and Book 1, Lord of Deception, should be out in June.

Prepare for sizzle, suspense, and much buckling of swash!

In another stroke of luck, I entered an on-line auction to raise money for Aussie firefighters, and won an editing and graphics package. Kudos to Kellie and Charli of Beyond the Pages for organising it. I look forward to working with Matt from Sentinel Designs and Samantha from Blazing Butterfly. This means my Victorian saga, Beautiful Outcast, will be ready for both shelves and ereaders a lot earlier than planned!

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