Pre-order the next Elizabeth Keysian at a bargain price!

Why pay full price on Friday when you can get it cheaper NOW?

Here at last is the long-awaited third book in the Marry in Haste Collection of Regency novellas, ONCE RUINED, TWICE SHY. Readers are going to love Conall and Hestia!


She was sent to ruin him. Now, he wants his revenge.
Miss Hestia Normanton hasn’t much further to fall. The man with whom she eloped refuses to marry her until she brings down his enemy, Conall Methuen, Earl of Corsbury.
Methuen, tortured by the untimely death of his fiancee, hides away from the world, injured and disfigured. Hestia’s arrival brightens his bitter existence, but interferes with his fundamental need to revenge himself on the man who stole the woman he loved.
Hestia’s lover Frederick, a man with a murky past, links both the living and the dead. Can Hestia stop Frederick and Conall destroying one another? And how can she avoid ruin all over again?

Each book in the Marry in Haste Collection can be read as a standalone.

If you want to grab your copy for just 99 cents before the price goes up after launch day, Friday April 17th, you can get the book on Amazon here. It will, of course, be available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Stay safe, stay well, and, wherever possible, stay IN and read a good book.



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