Fancy a gritty, romantic saga, set in the dark satanic mills of Victorian England? Then look no further!

A must for fans of Catherine Cookson and Victorian historical romances! My full-blooded, full-length historical saga is available at a pre-order price of just 99 cents.
From grinding poverty to a gilded cage- can Bella prove she’s more than just a Workhouse Waif?
Dive in amongst the dark, satanic mills of Victorian England by claiming your discounted copy here today.
It’s a bit different to my usual style and story, but there’s plenty to get your teeth into here, I promise!
Workhouse Waif Twitter Banner Mobile
Here’s the story-
Only courage and spirit can help Bella survive life in a Victorian workhouse. Fleeing the abuse that she suffered there, the beautiful outcast hopes her new life in a factory town can provide the esteem and affection she craves. Torn between the worlds of masters and workers, Bella falls for the enigmatic Jack, but their relationship shatters when his true identity is revealed. In a desperate bid to revive her love, Jack unearths Bella’s past, with tragic consequences.
After a devastating fire, a secret emerges that seals Bella’s fate, and that of everyone and everything she holds dear.
The price will go up from 99 cents just after publication date, which is the 4th June, so grab your pre-order copy NOW! There’s not long to wait.

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