There’s nothing like a nice review to bolster one’s hopes…

This lovely review of LORD OF DECEPTION comes from Courtney at Goodreads. It’s so good when a reader really ‘gets’ what the author’s trying to do. Thank you so much, Courtney!

LOD-graphic small

“Tudor romances are an under appreciated subset of historical romance, so I snapped this one up upon reading the blurb. It promised the passion and intrigue I love about the Tudor period, and the fact that it involved Walsingam’s spy ring also piqued my interest.

And it delivers on its premise. Kit is a wonderful hero, and I rooted for him as he tried to figure out what was going on at Selwood Manor, and went from suspecting the innocent Alys to working to protect her from the corruption going on around them.

Poor Alys! While the setup for her arc feels a little cliche, Cinderella-esque at times, I still rooted for her through it all. And I like that their love was really tested as well, a trait I love about the handful of Tudor romances I’ve read.

Keysian also injects a real sense of place and time into the prose and dialogue, without leaving the modern reader feeling lost. She achieves that perfect balance that can sometimes be hard to master for historical authors, especially as for stories set as far back as this one is.

I enjoyed this one immensely, and I can’t wait to read the others that have been announced as they come out. I recommend this to historical romance lovers who love the Tudors.”

This book hits the shelves Tuesday 23rd June 2020 and will also be available to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy now!

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