A unique offer on a very special book.

I’m reducing the price of Workhouse Waif to 99 cents/pence for a limited time.

So, why is Workhouse Waif so different to my usual books? Well, for a start, it’s set in the Victorian era. I also use a different style of writing in the book- it’s a complete rewrite of a book called “Summer Storm” which was originally submitted to Mills and Boon. They didn’t like mysecondary characters, and suggested there was no point in me doing an R&R (rewrite and resubmit). I decided to show ‘em! And did a complete rewrite. The book is a little like Jane Eyre in scope- it begins with the heroine’s childhood in the workhouse, her struggles there, and her final escape. Of course, there’s a romantic element too, but I don’t want to give too much away.

I have drawn heavily on my knowledge of the Victorian woollen cloth industry in England to add authenticity to the book. I used to work in a museum housed in a former woollen mill, and many of the exhibits were related to that industry. I found the subject fascinating.

Here is a link if you’d like to read the book. http://mybook.to/workhouse

Workhouse Waif can also be read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. The story has had excellent reviews, and I hope it will garner a few more. Please let me know if you like it!

The cover is quite special too. Remember the awful bush fires in Australia? A group of writers, editors and cover artists got together and donated their services free to an online auction to raise money for the firefighters. I bid on the services of a cover designer, Matt Picinich, and won, so I now have a gorgeous cover that suits the book perfectly, even down to the green of the heroine’s dress. But you’ll have to read the book to discover the significance of that.

Here’s the link again for the discounted digital version of Workhouse Waif. http://mybook.to/workhouse Enjoy!

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