Do you feel lucky?

If you do, all well and good- I’ll tell you about three contests currently going on where you can try your luck. And if you need cheering up, you might like to immerse yourself in my latest Tudor era romance, LORD OF MISTRUST. As this is release day, it’s still only $0.99 or £0.77, but you’ll need to get your copy NOW before the book goes up to its normal price of $2.99.

Here’s the blurb-

Headstrong Chloe dresses as a boy and runs away to her birth mother to escape a horrendous marriage. She’s shocked to discover that her parent owns a bawdy house, and is in no position to help- nor will she reveal the identity of Chloe’s father. When a street accident throws Chloe into the lap of the tempting Robert Mallory, he offers distraction and adventure, but his stubborn refusal to trust her endangers them both.

Hot-headed Robert Mallory is battling to protect his sister, his livelihood, and his honor. He’s a spy who can’t follow the rules and distrusts everyone, particularly the delectable young woman from the bordello. Having endangered her, then rescued her from a nest of traitors, he learns that Chloe is the natural daughter of the one man he can’t afford to upset, Sir Mortimer Fowler. Offering marriage to save Chloe’s reputation is out of the question, as Fowler needs her for bait in a deadly trap.

Robert is faced with an impossible choice. He’s desperate to save Chloe, but if he follows his heart, the security of the entire realm is at risk.

Also only available for TODAY is the contest I’ll be running in the Dragonblade Facebook group where’ll I’ll be giving away books, a gift card and offering an insight into LORD OF MISTRUST through a fun multiple-choice quiz.

Running until July 4th is the Dragonblade $25 Gift Card and paperback giveaway. You can have several chances to win, so it’s well worth a shot!

If you want to check out a wonderful historical blog, why not pop over to the Coffee Pot Book Club? You can find out more about my Tudor era TRYSTS AND TREACHERY SERIES as well as win yourself some signed papaerbacks (for UK winners only).

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