When the veil between the worlds draws thin…

Do you like ghost stories? I mean, REAL ones, that send shivers up your spine? Then catch me talking to Elizabeth Ellen Carter about the real life ghosts that inspired my story in the UPON A MIDNIGHT DREARY Halloween collection. It’s over on YouTube now.

I talk about skeletons in the garage, the ghosts I have discovered connected with archaeological sites, and the up-to-date tales of hauntings that brought people into the museum where I worked, desperate to find out why things went bump in the night in their houses!

There’s still time to put your order in for the anthology, before it publishes in 3 weeks’ time. It’s still only 99 cents/pence! Get your copy HERE.

And if you want to find out more about some Tudor era ghosts that have been spotted in recent times, have a look at the TUDORS issue of HISTORICAL TIMES, where I’ve written an article on the subject.

Finally, because Samhain is not far off now, here’s some of my favourite candy. I’ll let you know why I am showing you this very soon!

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