An original, absorbing Regency romantic adventure for just $0.99

Finally, a Regency love story that sweeps you out of the ballroom and onto the open road, in the company of rogues, wreckers and a wicked hero who needs to mend his ways. A POTION FOR PASSION is the perfect conclusion to the Wanton in Wessex series.

When naïve Miss Flora Hartington crosses paths with a traveling apothecary, she seizes her chance to escape the shackles of propriety. It doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly attractive, and kind in his own way. But it’s a temporary solution to her very big problem––namely, her controlling family.

Kidnapped by traveling folk as a child, Lawrence Campion yearns to be a real doctor, which means earning passage to America. The last thing he needs is to be saddled with the irksome, feisty Flora. However, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, and then be off to fulfil his dreams. But Lawrence has a past that is quickly catching up with him. And he carries a secret that could destroy both their plans.

Grab your copy from Amazon.

Also discounted on nook, ibooks and Kobo.

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