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When the veil between the worlds draws thin…

Do you like ghost stories? I mean, REAL ones, that send shivers up your spine? Then catch me talking to Elizabeth Ellen Carter about the real life ghosts that inspired my story in the UPON A MIDNIGHT DREARY Halloween collection. It’s over on YouTube now.

I talk about skeletons in the garage, the ghosts I have discovered connected with archaeological sites, and the up-to-date tales of hauntings that brought people into the museum where I worked, desperate to find out why things went bump in the night in their houses!

There’s still time to put your order in for the anthology, before it publishes in 3 weeks’ time. It’s still only 99 cents/pence! Get your copy HERE.

And if you want to find out more about some Tudor era ghosts that have been spotted in recent times, have a look at the TUDORS issue of HISTORICAL TIMES, where I’ve written an article on the subject.

Finally, because Samhain is not far off now, here’s some of my favourite candy. I’ll let you know why I am showing you this very soon!

The Vikings are coming!

Want to know what’s going to be TRULY AWESOME? The next issue of HISTORICAL TIMES magazine, that’s what. Out in just 3 days’ time, the focus is going to be on VIKINGS. I’ve had a sneak peek and I can tell you the pages are packed full of fascinating articles, fun features, and the very best in historical fiction.The magazine is free and you can sign up to receive it every month right HERE

My favourite from this month’s issue? An intriguing item by bestselling author Anne O’Brien!

I told you it was on its way…

Well, now it’s here! Issue 2 of HISTORICAL TIMES has hit the virtual bookshelves, and this month, the theme is The Tudors. It’s completely FREE to sign up for the magazine, and there’s a website too, packed with interesting facts and fun from some top-notch writers of historical fiction. You will also find a quiz, recipes, remedies, costume, an exclusive short story and plenty of book bargains and recommendations. You can access the magazine HERE and set up your own FREE subscription. Please do not share this link.

THANK YOU! and enjoy!

The authors that keep on giving…

One thing you can say about writers of romance is that they are (mostly) generous to a fault. They are great-hearted, funny, kind, and understand all about love. Which is why more than 400 of them have got together to offer their books FREE to lovers of romance.

HERE is where you can find them all- but some books will only be free for a day, September 2nd, so go mad and stuff your e-reader with whatever takes your fancy. I know I’m going to!

Below is just a selection of the books you can download for free, featuring some bestselling authors of historical romance.

Another gift for readers…

Not only can you still get RONE-nominated Tudor romance “LORD OF LOYALTY” FREE, you can also get the rest of the Trysts & Treachery series for just $0.99 each. Immerse yourself in the glamour & thrill of Tudor England! You can find out more, & start filling up your e-reader with some swashbuckling heroes, HERE. You’ll find details on the rest of the series if you scroll down from LORD OF DECEPTION.

I promise that each book can, and probably should, be read as a stand-alone. What connects them all are the tumultuous and tempestuous reigns of two incredible monarchs, Henry VIII and Elizabeth “Gloriana” I. And there’s also some very underhand stuff going on (hence the series title) but have faith- there WILL be happy endings all round!

A FREE Tudor era book you’re going to LOVE!

RONE award-nominated Tudor romance, LORD OF LOYALTY, is FREE for a limited time. Readers will find themselves immersed in a tale of passions & potions, featuring a battle-scarred hero on a deadly quest, dastardly blackmailers, & a feisty heroine with amnesia, all set in the glamour and grime of Tudor London.

Here’s the story-

Poison has stolen her mind. Loyalty has stolen his freedom…

England, 1586

An embittered war-hero must protect a crazed beauty. But he’s being blackmailed, she’s being hunted, and falling in love could be a fatal mistake.

In honor of a deathbed promise, wounded veteran Sir William Cavendish rescues Isobel Marston from her grasping cousin. But this frenzied young woman proves a nightmare to handle. Soon Will is trying to save her from herself, as well as from those who want her dead.

When her detestable cousin moves in after her brother’s loss, unwitting heiress Isobel is heavily drugged. Just enough lucidity remains for her to beg Will for help. But Will is being threatened by an unofficial fiancée and her unscrupulous father. If he lets himself fall for the enticing Isobel, he’ll put his entire future at stake.

Entangled in a desperate game of cat-and-mouse, Will and Isobel stand to lose more than their hearts.
If you fancy a Gothic-style Tudor romance, this is definitely the tale for you. All stories in the Trysts and Treachery Series can be read as stand-alones.

You can download the book HERE.

Workhouse Waif has won an award. And it’s also FREE for the next few days!

To celebrate winning a “Chill with a Book” Premier award, I have made Victorian romance, WORKHOUSE WAIF, FREE! But the offer is for a limited time, so grab your copy now.

Here’s a quick outline of the story-

In this sweeping saga of Victorian class struggle, Bella Hart barely survives the hell of the workhouse. Not even escape to a factory town can free her from her past and it takes the intervention of two gentlemen to rescue her from violently jealous rivals. Both of these men have something to hide, and if Bella chooses the wrong one, her heart won’t be all that’s at stake.

Like the sound of it? You can get your copy HERE.

Thank you so much to the fabulous Pauline Barclay and the reviewers at Chill with a Book! Why not visit the site, to find out more about the best books out there?

I have more exciting news to come about further steals and deals, so look out for my next post. Get ready to stuff your e-reader full of goodies!

Want to know more about the Tumultuous Tudor era? Then look no further.

Coming soon- the next FREE edition of Historical Times. I think, if it’s even possible 😱 that this issue is going to be even more fantastic than the last one on the Romans. Especially if you are interested in the tumultuous Tudors 😜
You’ll be able to read all the magazines as they come out, and catch some fascinating articles, interviews and chats on the website, as well as grab some bargain books. Click HERE to sign up.
Go on. What are you waiting for?!? 🤣😜

There’s a special readers’ event on this week, featuring some bestselling romance authors…

The Steamy Historical Romance event is now LIVE! Follow the link for some bargain books by bestselling authors.

Just peruse at your leisure! But not too slowly, as the event only lasts a week, from the 24th to the end of August, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Pssst…although these books do not count as erotica, they may be pretty steamy. You have been warned!

Authors include Chasity Bowlin, Anna St Claire, Emily Royal, Elizabeth Keysian, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Jillian Eaton, Emily E K Murdoch, Tracy Sumner, Tamara Gill, Erica Ridley, Sandra Sookoo, Sue London, Claire Delacroix, Rachel Ann Smith, Audra Hershey, Courtney McCaskill, Ellie St Clair, Charlie Lane, and Glynnis Campbell.

Head over to this fabulous blog spot to find out what inspired the award-winning Victorian saga, WORKHOUSE WAIF!

If you don’t know the book, here’s the story-

How can Bella Hart escape the hell of the Victorian workhouse?
Fleeing the abuse that she suffered there, the lonely outcast hopes her new life in a factory town can provide the esteem and affection she craves. Torn between the worlds of masters and workers, Bella falls for the enigmatic Jack, but their relationship shatters when his true identity is revealed. In a desperate bid to revive her love, Jack unearths Bella’s past, with tragic consequences.
After a devastating fire, a secret emerges that seals Bella’s fate, and that of everyone and everything she holds dear.
Fans of Catherine Cookson and Victorian historical romances will love this book.

And if you want to find out what readers thought of the book, there’s a fabulous review on the Discovering Diamonds website.

You can get a copy of the book here.