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A Teaser Excerpt from Vanquishing the Viscount



James stood by the fireplace, one booted foot resting on the empty fender, his hands clasped behind his back, emphasizing the breadth of his shoulders. Despite the heat of the day, his white neck linen was crisply pristine, his face fresh and smooth, framed by hair recently cut into the fashionable windswept style. With his long legs encased in tight-fitting buckskins and his light blue tailcoat, he looked extremely dashing.


His gaze fastened on her as soon as she entered the room, and he stepped forward to give her a smart bow before brushing a kiss across the back of her hand.

All her bravado melted away.

Romance with a bit of derring-do!

via Romance with a bit of derring-do!

Cover reveal for a new, sweet romance

Emma Hibbert will never trust a good-looking man again-they have nothing to offer but heartbreak and humiliation. So when she rescues a sinfully handsome stranger from an accident, it’s all-out war against the passions he ignites. She can’t afford distractions-she has to hide her past and protect her family. But the stranger Emma saved is Viscount Tidworth, and she soon realises she should have left the stricken aristocrat on the muddy road where she found him. He’s a friend of her new employer, and has the power to ruin everything.

Tidworth blames Emma for wrecking his betrothal plans, and threatens to expose her deception. But when she risks her reputation for him, he vows to make amends to Emma and her family. The mistrustful beauty sees his gratitude as meddling, until a moonlight kiss exposes the viscount’s true feelings.

Then a notice appears in the paper, claiming Emma’s engaged to Charles Keane, Tidworth’s best friend…


The third book in the Wayward in Wessex series will be here very soon! Follow me on Twitter for the Big Announcement!


Fancy something a bit different?

How about an Elizabethan spy romance? Not quite James Bond with a codpiece, but thrilling all the same!

DANCE OF DECEIT is revealing itself little by little on Wattpad. You can read it for free right HERE.


Mistress Alys is intrigued by the handsome gardener employed by her cousin Kate. Certain there’s more to him than meets the eye, Alys becomes ensnared in a tangle of spying and deceit, until she no longer knows who to trust.
Banished from Queen Elizabeth’s court through the lies of a jealous lady, Sir Christopher Penrose has a lot to prove if he wants his old life back. Can he convince the tragic but alluring Alys of her cousin’s treachery before it’s too late? Or will he be forced to watch the woman he loves sent to the Tower?

A Perilous Passion is heading your way!

I’m proud to announce that my first book for Entangled Publishing’s Amara line is due out on December 11th 2017!

Firstly, here’s the gorgeous cover-3d hardcover perilous

Secondly, here’s the deliciously tempting blurb-

Miss Charlotte Allston is unwittingly ensnared in a sinister web of traitors and spies when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome stranger on the beach. Fiercely determined to redeem his honor after a humiliating military defeat, the Earl of Beckport is living incognito, hunting a band of smugglers at the center of a French plot to invade England. Continue reading →

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UtE Hardback
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Inspiring settings used in “Distracting the Duke”

What woman in Regency England would not be thrilled to be imprisoned with the dangerously attractive Duke of Ulvercombe? Lady Clara Tinniswood, apparently, who suffers from claustrophobia, as well as a hearty dislike of men. Sparks fly when the pair become trapped in a camera obscura on the Duke’s roof.

Looking down on the roof of Dyrham Park from the raised  walkway. You can see the scaffolding supporting this aerial walkway in the bottom left corner of the picture.


I thought that, if the English aristocracy could have dining rooms on their roofs, why not a camera obscura? This contraption is like a man-sized pinhole camera, used by artists historically to capture life-like landscapes. I used the roof of Dyrham Park as a model for Kessington House, the duke’s Devonshire residence. In a stunning piece of left-field thinking, the National Trust, who run Dyrham, decided that, as the house had to be closed while the roof was mended, their visitors could observe the roof repairs from a raised (and covered) walkway supported by scaffolding. Not being too fond of heights, like the characters in the story, I didn’t look down a great deal…

You know that moment when you suddenly realize you have fallen in love? When you look at someone in a different way and see that they are absolutely perfect for you? The Duke of Ulvercombe experiences this moment with Clara while sheltering from the rain on a riverside walk.

River-side walk with old iron workings, Great Elm, Somerset, England

Mells ruins 1

The setting was inspired by a hidden gem of the Somerset countryside which is a step right back into history. Superbly dark, green and mysterious, with the rippling water and intriguing ruins to ramble through, the Great Elm riverside walk is pure magic.

Ulvercombe enjoys the sea, including the opportunity to throw off all responsibility (along with his clothes) and go for a swim. This is where Lady Clara watches him through a telescope (not her original plan of course!) and gets caught in the act. But by whom, and what are the consequences?

The beach I describe is a private one, part of the Holkham Hall estate, and Holkham Hall itself, a magnificent example of Palladian splendor, doubles for Wroxham, the duke’s summer residence.


If you’ve read “Distracting the Duke”, are the places above anything like you imagined? Are they the kind of place you might find romantic and, if not, what sort of location would get YOUR romanctic juices going?

You missed a great party but don’t worry, there’s another one planned!

I went to a fab Facebook party last night to celebrate some Entangled Scandalous new releases. I’ve been waiting for people to wake up and get over their hangovers so I can announce my winners. ARE YOU UP NOW??? Good. Here goes.
Winner of giveaway #3, Jane Austen biography and Regency fashion print is Jennifer Becker. Congrats!
Winner of giveaway #2, Georgette Heyer book and Regency fashion print is Linda Kay Stults. Well done, Linda!
Winner of giveaway #1, signed paperback copy of “Distracting the Duke” and Regency Fashion print is Deb Jones Diem. Good work, Deb!
FullSizeRender 7Thank you to Holly Bryant-Simpson for letting me participate, and I hope all the new books from Callie Hutton, Frances Fowlkes and Lily Maxton just fly off the shelves, both real and virtual!
If you didn’t know about this party, don’t worry. There’s another one on May 23rd where more terrific giveaways will be on offer- Romance or Ruin? I’ll also be celebrating the release of my second book with Entangled Scandalous, “Unmasking the Earl”. Cover reveal coming shortly!

New giveaway party April 18th!

Just a sneak peek at one of the prizes I’ll be offering in Tuesday’s “An Earl for Every Girl” Scandalous book release party There are two other prizes, including a signed paperback copy of “Distracting the Duke”, so don’t miss out. All the other authors hosting will be offering prizes and giveaways too and it’ll be a fantastic event (aren’t they always?). So if you want to socialize with your favorite authors or fellow historical romance fans, make sure you’re free 17.00-20.00 EDT.

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