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I love being able to share excerpts from other authors’ books!

It is an honour to be a host on the Blog Tour for THE TEST OF GOLD by Renee Yancy.

Here’s what the book is about-

Raised in the shadow of a mother who defied convention, but won’t allow her own daughter the right to make the same choices, heiress Evangeline Lindenmayer has been groomed since childhood to marry into the British aristocracy.

When Lindy challenges her mother’s long-laid plans by falling in love with a poor seminary student, the explosion is bigger than the Brooklyn Bridge fireworks on Independence Day.

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Here’s an exclusive excerpt-

Jack leaned against the lamp post across the street from 660 Fifth Avenue, as carriage after carriage drove up and discharged gorgeously gowned and top-hatted inhabitants at the glittering entrance to the Lindenmayer mansion. Hoping for a glimpse of Miss Lindenmayer, he searched every window again and again, without success.

“Here, boyo, what are you about, loitering here?”

Jack turned. A policeman regarded him with a rather jaundiced eye. Jack nodded toward the mansion. “I stopped to listen.” Laughter and music drifted out the open windows, and he recognized the beginning of a waltz. “It’s such a lovely evening for a stroll.”

No need to mention he’d been standing here for the last two hours. The policeman gave him the once over, his narrowed eyes not missing a detail of Jack’s plain frockcoat. “You live in this neighborhood?”

“On the Upper East Side. With my uncle, Joseph Winthrop.”

“Do you now?” The policeman tucked beefy fingers into the belt girding his ample waist. “And would that be the pastor of St. Thomas Episcopal?”

Jack glanced at the brass name badge on the officer’s wool coat. “Yes, Officer McConnell.”

“And you might be?”

“Jack Winthrop.” He repressed an impatient sigh and glanced sideways toward the house. Wait! There—was it her?

A young woman in a sparkling white gown, her dark hair swept up on her head, in conversation with a man in white tie and tails. He clenched his fists and peered closer, not caring what the policeman might think.

“Ah.” McConnell’s gaze followed Jack’s. “Quite the party, isn’t it? But not for the likes of us, hey?”

Jack didn’t answer, straining to determine if the girl was Miss Lindenmayer.

“There’s fifty of us coppers here tonight, hired special for the ball. To keep the riffraff away, mind.”

Jack continued to scan the windows. Maybe if he ignored the officer, he’d go away. Then he gasped. There she was!

“Hmm.” McConnell followed Jack’s startled gaze. “Oh, boyo, I understand now. In love with the colleen, are you, laddie?”

Jack exhaled hard. “Is it that obvious, Officer?”

“It is, lad. That it is.” McConnell gazed toward the Lindenmayer mansion. “Love’s grand, isn’t it?” He tapped Jack gently on the chest with his baton. “Right, then. I’ll be off now on my rounds. I trust you’ll not be here when I come through again.”

“Yes, Officer. Thank you.”

Officer McConnell crossed the street and headed off down the sidewalk. Jack looked at his coat and plain boots. How he’d love to march into the mansion, announce himself as a friend of the debutante, and steal her away for a dance. What a commotion that would cause. He supposed he’d be unceremoniously thrown out. Perhaps arrested. How would he explain that to his uncle?

 He kicked a stone and sent it skittering into the street, and slowly walked away. At the corner, he turned and gazed at the Lindenmayer mansion. Every window blazed with light. Miss Lindenmayer lived and breathed only a few hundred feet from him, but she might as well be on the moon for all the good it did him.

It’s been great fun writing these Tudor era romances! Find out what the final one has to offer.

The last book in the Trysts and Treachery series is now up for pre-order, at the advance discount price of just $0.99. It’s set in the time of King Edward VI and is called LORD OF THE MANOR. Read on for more about the story.

To her, he represents authority and power. To him, she spells sedition and danger.

Orphaned at birth, Cecily Neville owes more than her name to the former hospitallers of Temple Roding. She was still a child when the reformation wrenched her home and adopted family from her and now, like the few surviving monks, she lives in fear that her past could take a deadly toll. Her closest friend is her precious peregrine falcon, Charlemagne. Her greatest enemy is Allan Smythe, the new owner of Temple Roding.

Grieving over the loss of both wife and child, Smythe throws his heart and soul into reviving the old hospitaller commandery that he’s bought in partnership with his brother-in-law, Kennett Clark. He can’t risk being distracted by the mysterious but tempting Cecily and her murdering bird. However, when Smythe is forced to save her from his brother-in-law’s lecherous clutches, the unscrupulous Kennett vows to destroy them both.

On a knife-edge, Smythe can’t afford to relax the rents owed by Cecily and her fellow villagers. If he doesn’t demolish her former home for profit, he risks losing everything to Kennett. But when necessity forces him to employ Cecily, there’s more at stake than his future and his battered heart. Something lies hidden in the depths of the hospitaller commandery that could solve all of Smythe’s problems… or threaten his life. 

It all depends on whether he, or the very determined Cecily, finds it first.

You can get your copy here and remember, if you buy it before April 13th, you can get it at a discount!

There’s a new, spine-chilling anthology waiting in the wings…

Your favourite Dragonblade authors have once more come together to create a collection of ghostly romances for your delight and delectation! UPON A MIDNIGHT DREARY is now available for pre-order, and it’s a steal at just $0.99 for 21 never-before-seen stories. Some of these are by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

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A brand new magazine for Historical Romance fans!

I am absolutely stoked to be writing both historical articles and quizzes for The Shift magazine. I know readers will absolutely LOVE this new project, and urge anyone who hasn’t signed up yet to do so. You can find out more HERE.

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Huzzah! A new book and some new covers!

The 4th book in my Marry in Haste novella collection will be out soon. I decided to treat myself to some new covers, which I created using the Bookbrush platform (I LOVE doing graphics on Bookbrush!) Here is the cover for NEVER TEMPT A WIDOW.

And here’s the story-

The Duke of Wolfingham’s scapegrace daughter Seraphina is convinced her lover tried to kill her. Alone, penniless, and desperate, there’s nothing she can do to save the life of her beloved baby daughter, Adelina. Sir Rowland Cavendish offers an escape from her grief, but how can Seraphina ever trust a man again?
Rowland has just lost his wife, and his baby boy needs feeding. The beautiful young widow from the village would make the perfect wetnurse, but the conditions she sets in exchange for her compliance are not at all what he expects.
Seraphina refuses to share her secrets with Rowland, but her past returns to haunt her, threatening her new-found security. Her future hangs on a knife-edge as the game turns deadly, and a web of kidnapping, blackmail, and lies is uncovered.
She loves Rowland deeply, but if she doesn’t leave him, he may lose what he values above all else. His baby son.

The book comes out on May 18th, but you can pre-order your copy HERE.

Maybe I’m a REAL writer after all…

I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about my writing. Is it any good? Is it terrible? Do only a few select and special people really “get” Elizabeth Keysian? Bearing this in mind, it came as a very welcome surprise that my Victorian historical novel, WORKHOUSE WAIF, received a Silver Medal in the Author Shout Reader Ready Awards. Woohoo! To celebrate, I’ll be putting the book back into Kindle Unlimited, so people can read it for FREE, and I’ll be running a discount for a limited time very soon.

Here’s a bit about WORKHOUSE WAIF.

How can Bella Hart escape the hell of the Victorian workhouse?
Fleeing the abuse that she suffered there, the lonely outcast hopes her new life in a factory town can provide the esteem and affection she craves. Torn between the worlds of masters and workers, Bella falls for the enigmatic Jack, but their relationship shatters when his true identity is revealed. In a desperate bid to revive her love, Jack unearths Bella’s past, with tragic consequences.
After a devastating fire, a secret emerges that seals Bella’s fate, and that of everyone and everything she holds dear.
Fans of Catherine Cookson and Victorian historical romances will love this book.

Delve into the legend that is El Cid!

THE FALL OF KINGS is the breathtaking third instalment of the Legend of the Cid by STUART RUDGE.

Find out more below, and order your copy from Amazon. And while you’re at it, why not catch up with the first two books in the series too?

Castile. 1071 AD. Three kings. One crown.

After Sancho II of Castile dispatches his champion Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar to capture his brother, King Garcia of Galicia, he hopes it is a defining moment in his quest to reunite the lands of his father under one banner. But Alfonso VI of Leon is one step ahead, and has already added the lands of Galicia to his domain. When the only alternative is war, Sancho turns to Rodrigo to lead the armies of Castile, and he must use all his tactical acumen to defeat the Leonese in the field. Only one son of Fernando can claim victory and become the Emperor of Hispania.

Rodrigo and Antonio Perez, now a knight of the realm, find difficulty adjusting to the new regime. Dissent and unrest run rife throughout the kingdom, and the fear of a knife in the dark from enemies old and new hangs heavy upon the pair. But if it is allowed to fester, it threatens to undo all that has been achieved. Can Rodrigo and Antonio root out the enemies of the king, and prevent chaos reigning throughout the land?

Publication Date: February 5th 2021

Publisher: Independently Published

Page Length: 406 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

View on Amazon: Amazon UK • Amazon US • Amazon CA • Amazon AU

Author Bio:

Stuart Rudge

Stuart Rudge was born and raised in Middlesbrough, where he still lives. His love of history came from his father and uncle, both avid readers of history, and his love of table top war gaming and strategy video games. He studied Ancient History and Archaeology at Newcastle University, and has spent his fair share of time in muddy trenches, digging up treasure at Bamburgh Castle.

He was worked in the retail sector and volunteered in museums, before working in York Minster, which he considered the perfect office. His love of writing blossomed within the historic walls, and he knew there were stories within which had to be told. Despite a move in to the shipping and logistics sector (a far cry to what he hoped to ever do), his love of writing has only grown stronger.

Rise of a Champion is the first piece of work he has dared to share with the world. Before that came a novel about the Roman Republic and a Viking-themed fantasy series (which will likely never see the light of day, but served as good practise). He hopes to establish himself as a household name in the mound of Bernard Cornwell, Giles Kristian, Ben Kane and Matthew Harffy, amongst a host of his favourite writers.

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