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The authors that keep on giving…

One thing you can say about writers of romance is that they are (mostly) generous to a fault. They are great-hearted, funny, kind, and understand all about love. Which is why more than 400 of them have got together to offer their books FREE to lovers of romance.

HERE is where you can find them all- but some books will only be free for a day, September 2nd, so go mad and stuff your e-reader with whatever takes your fancy. I know I’m going to!

Below is just a selection of the books you can download for free, featuring some bestselling authors of historical romance.

A FREE Tudor era book you’re going to LOVE!

RONE award-nominated Tudor romance, LORD OF LOYALTY, is FREE for a limited time. Readers will find themselves immersed in a tale of passions & potions, featuring a battle-scarred hero on a deadly quest, dastardly blackmailers, & a feisty heroine with amnesia, all set in the glamour and grime of Tudor London.

Here’s the story-

Poison has stolen her mind. Loyalty has stolen his freedom…

England, 1586

An embittered war-hero must protect a crazed beauty. But he’s being blackmailed, she’s being hunted, and falling in love could be a fatal mistake.

In honor of a deathbed promise, wounded veteran Sir William Cavendish rescues Isobel Marston from her grasping cousin. But this frenzied young woman proves a nightmare to handle. Soon Will is trying to save her from herself, as well as from those who want her dead.

When her detestable cousin moves in after her brother’s loss, unwitting heiress Isobel is heavily drugged. Just enough lucidity remains for her to beg Will for help. But Will is being threatened by an unofficial fiancée and her unscrupulous father. If he lets himself fall for the enticing Isobel, he’ll put his entire future at stake.

Entangled in a desperate game of cat-and-mouse, Will and Isobel stand to lose more than their hearts.
If you fancy a Gothic-style Tudor romance, this is definitely the tale for you. All stories in the Trysts and Treachery Series can be read as stand-alones.

You can download the book HERE.

Workhouse Waif has won an award. And it’s also FREE for the next few days!

To celebrate winning a “Chill with a Book” Premier award, I have made Victorian romance, WORKHOUSE WAIF, FREE! But the offer is for a limited time, so grab your copy now.

Here’s a quick outline of the story-

In this sweeping saga of Victorian class struggle, Bella Hart barely survives the hell of the workhouse. Not even escape to a factory town can free her from her past and it takes the intervention of two gentlemen to rescue her from violently jealous rivals. Both of these men have something to hide, and if Bella chooses the wrong one, her heart won’t be all that’s at stake.

Like the sound of it? You can get your copy HERE.

Thank you so much to the fabulous Pauline Barclay and the reviewers at Chill with a Book! Why not visit the site, to find out more about the best books out there?

I have more exciting news to come about further steals and deals, so look out for my next post. Get ready to stuff your e-reader full of goodies!

Want to know more about the Tumultuous Tudor era? Then look no further.

Coming soon- the next FREE edition of Historical Times. I think, if it’s even possible 😱 that this issue is going to be even more fantastic than the last one on the Romans. Especially if you are interested in the tumultuous Tudors 😜
You’ll be able to read all the magazines as they come out, and catch some fascinating articles, interviews and chats on the website, as well as grab some bargain books. Click HERE to sign up.
Go on. What are you waiting for?!? 🤣😜

There’s a special readers’ event on this week, featuring some bestselling romance authors…

The Steamy Historical Romance event is now LIVE! Follow the link for some bargain books by bestselling authors.

Just peruse at your leisure! But not too slowly, as the event only lasts a week, from the 24th to the end of August, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Pssst…although these books do not count as erotica, they may be pretty steamy. You have been warned!

Authors include Chasity Bowlin, Anna St Claire, Emily Royal, Elizabeth Keysian, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Jillian Eaton, Emily E K Murdoch, Tracy Sumner, Tamara Gill, Erica Ridley, Sandra Sookoo, Sue London, Claire Delacroix, Rachel Ann Smith, Audra Hershey, Courtney McCaskill, Ellie St Clair, Charlie Lane, and Glynnis Campbell.

I’m delighted to share with you an excerpt from Barbara Greig’s “Discovery”: An epic tale of love, loss and courage.

Here’s what this marvellous book is all about-

When Elizabeth Gharsia’s headstrong nephew, Gabriel, joins Samuel Champlain’s 1608 expedition to establish a settlement at Quebec, he soon becomes embroiled in a complicated tribal conflict. As months turn into years, Gabriel appears lost to his family.

 Meanwhile at home in France the death of her father, Luis, adds to Elizabeth’s anguish. Devastated by her loss, she struggles to make sense of his final words. Could her mother’s journals, found hidden among Luis’s possessions, provide the key to the mystery?

The arrival of Pedro Torres disrupts Elizabeth’s world even further. Rescued from starvation on the streets of Marseille by her brother, Pedro is a victim of the brutal expulsion of his people from Spain. Initially antagonistic, will Elizabeth come to appreciate Pedro’s qualities and to understand the complexity of her family?

Here is an enticing excerpt-

The sun, ablaze with orange light, slipped towards the horizon but the heat, fierce for early summer, continued to linger in the narrow streets and crowded houses of the city. Feeling stifled by the heavy air, Elizabeth made her way across the courtyard, her soft leather shoes making little sound on the beaten earth. The gate creaked as she pushed it open, disturbing the small rodents who rustled among the undergrowth at the side of the track. A few steps took her to the riverbank where she paused. Leaning forward and inhaling deeply, she filled her lungs with the verdant dampness, so characteristic of the Olt, hoping for some respite from the heat. Although the water level was low, the river was still navigable and a late barge, its lanterns casting an eerie glow, sailed sedately past her.

Loath to return to the house, Elizabeth watched the vessel until it was out of sight. She wrapped her arms around herself, not for warmth on such a hot night but for comfort. Her father was dying; of that, she was sure. He had suddenly become less interested in the process of living: he had appeared to have given up all hope of seeing Gabriel again, and the death of the king had affected him badly. The last couple of weeks had seen him keeping to his bed more often, which was so out of character. The thought of losing him tightened her chest, threatened to suffocate her, and consumed her so completely that the horsemen were upon her without her realising.

One of the horses shied, as startled by Elizabeth as she was by him. She glanced up to be greeted by an achingly familiar silhouette. Her elder brother, Thomas, towered above her, etched against the night sky, while behind him, a smaller horse and rider almost hid in the shadows. Thomas spoke sharply. “What are you doing skulking around outside? You frightened the horses.”

Elizabeth bit back her retort and moved to see her brother’s companion more easily. As she did so, the man seemed to sink further into the saddle. She returned her attention to Thomas. “It is a long time since we last saw you.”

Thomas acknowledged her comment with a slight movement of his head. She waited for him to speak but she could not elicit an apology for his lengthy absence. It seemed that they would remain on the riverside with only the sigh of the water, and the breathing of the horses, to break the silence when Elizabeth capitulated first. “You had better come in.”

As Thomas strode across the hall, after he had stabled the horses, Elizabeth had the uncanny feeling that she was a small child once more and that the man before her was her father. She could see the same height and broad shoulders, although Thomas’s complexion was not so dark. His eyes lighted on the food she had hastily brought from the kitchen and then shifted to his companion.

“Are all the shutters closed?”

“The shutters?”

“It is a simple enough question, Bess.”

Elizabeth ignored his use of the hated derivative. “Yes, of course,” she replied tartly. “How else would we keep the house cool?”

Thomas appraised her, a glimmer of a smile playing around his lips. He admitted, “I had forgotten how forthright you can be.”

In the blink of an eye, Elizabeth responded, “I have not forgotten how rude you can be.”

Thomas’s expression hardened, all trace of amusement gone. “We do not want the neighbours to see.” He turned to his companion, who appeared to be lurking on the dark edge of the cavernous room. “Pedro, come and meet my little sister, who has spent all her life in comfort and warmth, hiding behind the popish religion.”

Elizabeth, refusing to be riled and with a benign expression planted on her face, stepped forward to greet the stranger. He remained where he was, anxious about his welcome, his hands firmly clasped together. Nobody moved. Elizabeth spoke softly. “Please come into the light. You must eat and then rest.”

Thomas’s loud voice echoed up to the rafters. “This is Pedro Torres. A man without a country.”

Elizabeth ignored him and addressed Pedro Torres. “Come, eat some bread and cheese.”

The man walked towards the large table set along one side of the wall. The family usually ate in the parlour but Elizabeth felt the cosy room to be inappropriate for two men who had obviously been on the road for some time. The acrid odour of unwashed bodies caught at the back of Elizabeth’s throat and she had the great urge to pinch her nose but instead she pointed to the bowl of water, and the towel, next to the food. “Please, wash your hands.”

The stranger spoke for the first time, his French thickened by a strong Spanish accent. “Thank you.”

She watched as he carefully soaped his hands, noting his slight frame, bordering on emaciation, and his profile, which possessed the haunted, hungry look of a man who had survived on too little food for too long. Thomas, as contrary as ever, grabbed the nearest chunk of bread with a large, dirty hand and bit down heartily. “You will find, Pedro, that the occupants of this house are very good at washing.”


The silence was dragging out but Elizabeth lacked the energy to keep trying to be civil. Her eyes wandered to the far end of the hall where the stranger had immediately fallen asleep on a bed of rushes and blankets. She almost envied him. Thomas followed her glance.

“Not the guest chamber for this traveller?”

Experiencing a touch of guilt, Elizabeth defended her decision. “I will make up the guest bed tomorrow. He could not sleep there as he is.”

“What about me?” challenged Thomas.

“What stink you take into your own room is up to you.”

He studied her for a while, then he shrugged. “I will swim in the morning so that no stench offends your delicate nostrils.”

“It is only as it should be.”

Thomas was about to retaliate but changed his mind. “How is the old man? Is he abed?”

Elizabeth stiffened, always saddened and annoyed, in equal measure, when he spoke of their father in such a way. She moved on quickly to more neutral ground.

“What is his story?” she asked, nodding towards the recumbent figure breathing steadily on the other side of the room.

“He is a Morisco.”

“I gathered as much.” To Elizabeth, the stranger’s ancestry was clear in his features and colouring.

“Where did you meet him?”

“In Marsilha. Pedro was destitute. Did you know that within two weeks of King Henri’s assassination, the Moriscos, who had taken refuge in that port, were no longer welcome? Suddenly they were spies for Spain and the authorities confiscated their money!”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened in surprise. “Spies for Spain, that is ridiculous. I thought they might be safe in France.”

“No, most of the Moriscos who came to the Mediterranean coast are now sailing to Algiers, following the thousands already expelled from Spain last year.”

“Why does Pedro not want to go with them?”

“He has no family, no ties. He wants to make his way to the Netherlands but he is in no state to do so.”

“You are helping him?”

“It is the least I can do.” Thomas’s gaze was intent. “I do have some awareness of my heritage.”

Elizabeth smiled at him with genuine warmth. “You will stay here awhile? Father will be pleased.”

He did not return her smile. “I plan to leave Pedro here to recover but I must go to Montauban immediately. Storm clouds are gathering now that we Huguenots have lost our protector.”

Want to read more? You can get the book from any of the retailers below-

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Free for just two more days

FREE! Get this gripping historical romance, set in dazzling Tudor England, FREE for a limited time. LORD OF DECEPTION is your gateway into the ground-breaking TRYSTS & TREACHERY series.

“What a page turner!”

“I can’t wait for more in this series!”

Grab your copy HERE.

This is the story-

Despised by the cousin with whom she’s forced to live, the lonely but determined Alys craves escape. The most dangerous thing she could do is fall in love. Especially when the man who tempts her is Kit Ludlow, an exiled nobleman in disguise. Becoming involved in his secret mission proves more perilous than Alys could possibly have imagined.

Kit has been banished from Queen Elizabeth’s court, and the last thing he wants is to entangle Alys in his web of treachery and deception. It would also be folly to fall in love with her when he can’t be sure where her loyalties lie.

After helping Kit foil a plot against the queen, Alys’ life is at risk from her cousin’s nefarious schemes. Estranged from Kit, she’s forced to make a desperate decision.

Should she protect her family, or follow the demands of her heart?

Don’t hang about. Get your copy today for FREE!

You are invited to a party

Huzzah! Another party is in the offing, this time in The Rose Room Rogues group. You can join the group HERE. Starts tomorrow, JULY 1st, at 12.00 pm EST which (I think!) is 5 pm BST. I’ve got special prizes for both UK and worldwide winners in my contest, as well as a freebie for everyone, and there’s a host of super authors with loads more to offer you. Join the group at the address above and pop over when you can- we’d love to see you. HERE’S the address again.

A FREE full-length series starter! But it won’t be free for long…

Fancy a FREE series starter? Then grab your copy of gripping historical romance, LORD OF DECEPTION, HERE. It’s your gateway into my ground-breaking TRYSTS AND TREACHERY series, set in the dazzling Tudor era.

Here’s the story-

He thinks she’s a traitor to her queen. She thinks he’s just a gardener.

Despised by the cousin with whom she’s forced to live, the lonely but determined Alys craves escape. The most dangerous thing she could do is fall in love. Especially when the man who tempts her is Kit Ludlow, an exiled nobleman in disguise. Becoming involved in his secret mission proves more perilous than Alys could possibly have imagined.

Kit has been banished from Queen Elizabeth’s court, and the last thing he wants is to entangle Alys in his web of treachery and deception. It would also be folly to fall in love with her when he can’t be sure where her loyalties lie.

After helping Kit foil a plot against the queen, Alys’ life is at risk from her cousin’s nefarious schemes. Estranged from Kit, she’s forced to make a desperate decision. Should she protect her family, or follow the demands of her heart?

This is what readers are saying about LORD OF DECEPTION


“A real page turner!”

“A fast-paced Elizabethan romance that keeps the reader enthralled from the beginning to the entertaining conclusion…”

So, don’t miss out, and get your copy TODAY!

I love providing sneak peeks into other writers’ books!

Fancy an excerpt from Mercedes Rochelle’s latest exciting novel, The Usurper King? Then look no futher.

Here’s the story.

From Outlaw to Usurper, Henry Bolingbroke fought one rebellion after another.

First, he led his own uprising. Gathering support the day he returned from exile, Henry marched across the country and vanquished the forsaken Richard II. Little did he realize that his problems were only just beginning. How does a usurper prove his legitimacy? What to do with the deposed king? Only three months after he took the crown, Henry IV had to face a rebellion led by Richard’s disgruntled favorites. Worse yet, he was harassed by rumors of Richard’s return to claim the throne. His own supporters were turning against him. How to control the overweening Percies, who were already demanding more than he could give? What to do with the rebellious Welsh? After only three years, the horrific Battle of Shrewsbury nearly cost him the throne—and his life. It didn’t take long for Henry to discover that that having the kingship was much less rewarding than striving for it.

Here’s the excerpt.

“His mouth suddenly dry, Henry wished he had some wine. “I’m told that after Richard learned about the rebellion and the death of his supporters, he stopped eating.” He paused, waiting for Hal’s reaction. So far there was none. “My constable sent in a priest to convince Richard that starving himself to death was a mortal sin. After that, he tried to eat, but he had gone so far his throat constricted and he couldn’t swallow. He died shortly after.”

Hal looked down at his hands; he was clasping them too tightly. When he raised his head, his face was drawn.

“I’m supposed to believe this?” he said.

Henry held his breath. If his own son didn’t accept this story, how was he going to convince his detractors?

“You know King Richard,” Thomas said scornfully. “He was always one for immoderate behavior.”

“How do you know?” Hal shot back. “You know nothing about him.”

“I know he was vindictive, selfish, and spiteful.”

“That’s a lie!” Hal lunged at his brother, grabbing him by the tunic. Thomas tried to push him away, but his brother pulled him out of the chair and fell on top of him, pinning him to the floor.

Henry was appalled. “Stop it! Both of you!” Hal was about to punch his brother in the face when Henry grasped his arm and yanked him away. “How dare you fight in my presence!”

Breathing heavily, Hal broke loose from his grasp. He glared at his father. “You starved him to death!”

Shaking his head, Henry stretched out a hand. His son turned away. “No, Hal. I swear it was none of my doing.”

Still on the floor, Thomas wiped his mouth. “You’re a disgrace!”

“Stop it, Thomas,” Henry growled. “Don’t make things worse.” He took a step toward Hal. “Sit down, son.”

Hal was about to refuse, but a little bit of common sense reasserted itself. Sullenly, he walked over to a chair and dropped onto it. Thomas got off the floor and went to the other side of the room.

“Listen to me,” Henry said. “Do you really think I would have Richard killed so soon after the rebellion? I’m not a fool. We still have many enemies, and this is one disturbance I didn’t need, on top of everything else.”

Breathing heavily, Hal stared at the floor.

“I was as shocked as you to hear about this,” Henry added. “You must believe me. There were many times I was urged by others to execute him, and I always refused. Why would I resort to such a terrible crime?”

The logic in this argument wasn’t lost on Hal. He didn’t want to believe his father was capable of such an act. It was too terrible to contemplate. Slowly he nodded and Henry let out his breath.

“I am sorry, father.”

“It’s all right. I’m afraid you won’t be the only one to accuse me of his death.”

“We must prepare a proper funeral, to reassure the people.”

“I’ve already given the orders. He will be brought back to London from…Pontefract.”

Pontefract. Hal hadn’t been told where King Richard was kept. It was just one more indignity he had been forced to swallow. “He died, all alone. Abandoned. Poor man,” he mumbled.

Henry heard him but decided it was better to pretend not to. Besides, he needed a drink.”

You can get your copy of The Usurper King HERE-

Amazon UK:

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Here’s a bit more information about the talented author of this fascinating novel, Mercedes Rochelle.

Mercedes Rochelle is an ardent lover of medieval history, and has channeled this interest into fiction writing. Her first four books cover eleventh-century Britain and events surrounding the Norman Conquest of England. The next series is called The Plantagenet Legacy about the struggles and abdication of Richard II, leading to the troubled reigns of the Lancastrian Kings. She also writes a blog: to explore the history behind the story. Born in St. Louis, MO, she received by BA in Literature at the Univ. of Missouri St.Louis in 1979 then moved to New York in 1982 while in her mid-20s to “see the world”. The search hasn’t ended! Today she lives in Sergeantsville, NJ with her husband in a log home they had built themselves.

Why not connect with Mercedes on social media?





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