Thrilled to be hosting Mercedes Rochelle on the blog this week!

Here’s your introduction to this fabulous author-

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Born in St. Louis MO with a degree from University of Missouri, Mercedes Rochelle learned about living history as a re-enactor and has been enamored with historical fiction ever since. A move to New York to do research and two careers ensued, but writing fiction remains her primary vocation. She lives in Sergeantsville, NJ with her husband in a log home they had built themselves.

Connect with Mercedes: Website • Blog • Facebook • Twitter

Now find out more about her latest book, THE KING’S RETRIBUTION.

the kings retribution

If you read A KING UNDER SIEGE, you might remember that we left off just as Richard declared his majority at age 22. He was able to rise above the humiliation inflicted on him during the Merciless Parliament, but the fear that it could happen again haunted him the rest of his life. Ten years was a long time to wait before taking revenge on your enemies, but King Richard II was a patient man. Hiding his antagonism toward the Lords Appellant, once he felt strong enough to wreak his revenge he was swift and merciless. Alas for Richard, he went too far, and in his eagerness to protect his crown Richard underestimated the very man who would take it from him: Henry Bolingbroke.

You can get your copy from,, and all the usual retailers.

Excerpts, insights, and more can be found on the Mercedes Rochelle blog tour.

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A warm welcome to a fantastic writer-Mary Anne Yarde features today!

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Her work has been compared to “Game of Thrones” and “The Last Kingdom”, and she is also creator of an award-winning blog, The Coffee Pot Book Club. You will find all manner of amazing facts and stories on there and are bound to meet your next favourite historical author. I can personally vouch for the fact that Mary Anne is a terrific person and has been a huge help to hundreds of authors, including myself, over the years. So go check out her blog and her books!

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Mary Anne Yarde

Mary Anne Yarde is the multi award-winning author of the International Bestselling Series — The Du Lac Chronicles. Set a generation after the fall of King Arthur, The Du Lac Chronicles takes you on a journey through Dark Age Britain and Brittany, where you will meet new friends and terrifying foes. Based on legends and historical fact, The Du Lac Chronicles is a series not to be missed.

Born in Bath, England, Mary Anne Yarde grew up in the southwest of England, surrounded and influenced by centuries of history and mythology. Glastonbury — the fabled Isle of Avalon — was a mere fifteen-minute drive from her home, and tales of King Arthur and his knights were part of her childhood.

Connect with Mary Anne: WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebookGoodreads.

There is a new book just released her fans won’t want to miss. It’s Book 5 of the Du Lac Chronicles, The Du Lac Curse, and this is the story-

Mordred Pendragon had once said that the sons of Lancelot would eventually destroy each other, it seemed he was right all along.

Garren du Lac knew what the burning pyres meant in his brother’s kingdom — invasion. But who would dare to challenge King Alden of Cerniw for his throne? Only one man was daring enough, arrogant enough, to attempt such a feat — Budic du Lac, their eldest half-brother.

While Merton du Lac struggles to come to terms with the magnitude of Budic’s crime, there is another threat, one that is as ancient as it is powerful. But with the death toll rising and his men deserting who will take up the banner and fight in his name?

Read on for an excerpt…

mary anne cover

The air inside of the church smelled of myrrh, as well as the frightened sweat of the nuns and the monks who were knelt with their heads bowed in desperate prayer. Outside this sacred building, the Evil One played, but here there was only God.

Sister Helena lit the altar candles, her fingers shaking. She stood back for a moment and watched the tiny flames as they fought against the darkness that threatened to consume them all.

A child whimpered but was quickly shushed. It would not do for the child to be discovered, for Sister Helena knew that the Evil One had no respect for the sanctuary of this church or any church for that matter. He only needed an excuse to rip the door off its hinges and violate this sacred place with his foul presence.

Outside, a man screamed, and a horse whinnied in terror. The smell of smoke drifted through the tiny gap at the bottom of the doors and mingled with the scent of the myrrh. Someone hammered on the door, but the nuns and the monks paid it no heed and continued to pray. Only Sister Helena turned to look.

They had barricaded the doors as best as they could. But the barricade would only last for so long. And if those outside really wanted to get in, then there was not an awful lot they could do to stop them. They had no weapons — not that they would have known how to use them if they did. They would be slaughtered. Sister Helena knew this for she had seen such things before. She had lived through such things before. But this time it was different. Very different. Tonight there was an evil moon, which looked down from an indifferent sky. Many would die. Perhaps they all would.

The child whimpered again as she hid under Sister Mary-Sarah’s habit. If the child were discovered, then she too would be killed, for that was what happened to the children of a king who had been usurped. But Rozen had only just turned four, and she did not understand what was happening. How does one go about telling a child that her father had been poisoned and her mother, who had so daringly tried to reach her children, had been taken prisoner? The soldiers must not find this little one. It was bad enough that her younger baby brother had been taken captive. Sister Helena knew only too well what his fate would be. She just prayed that Jowan, Alden du Lac’s eldest son and heir, would make it to safety. But even if he did, he would still be hunted. No son of Alden’s would ever be allowed to live. For the boy would be a great threat when he grew up and sought revenge. And he would seek it.

If you want to read on, you can get the book HERE.

You can follow the blog tour to find out more.

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Pre-order the next Elizabeth Keysian at a bargain price!

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Here at last is the long-awaited third book in the Marry in Haste Collection of Regency novellas, ONCE RUINED, TWICE SHY. Readers are going to love Conall and Hestia!


She was sent to ruin him. Now, he wants his revenge.
Miss Hestia Normanton hasn’t much further to fall. The man with whom she eloped refuses to marry her until she brings down his enemy, Conall Methuen, Earl of Corsbury.
Methuen, tortured by the untimely death of his fiancee, hides away from the world, injured and disfigured. Hestia’s arrival brightens his bitter existence, but interferes with his fundamental need to revenge himself on the man who stole the woman he loved.
Hestia’s lover Frederick, a man with a murky past, links both the living and the dead. Can Hestia stop Frederick and Conall destroying one another? And how can she avoid ruin all over again?

Each book in the Marry in Haste Collection can be read as a standalone.

If you want to grab your copy for just 99 cents before the price goes up after launch day, Friday April 17th, you can get the book on Amazon here. It will, of course, be available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Stay safe, stay well, and, wherever possible, stay IN and read a good book.



Isn’t it time to change the world?

I am thrilled to be featuring a range of fantastic authors on my blog over the next few months.

Today’s Meet the Author post shines the spotlight on Chris Savory, and offers readers a chance to get signed copies of his paperback, “Confessions of a non-violent revolutionary” with FREE postage!

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About the book

Confessions Of a Non-violent Revolutionary: Bean Stew, Blisters, Blockades and Benders.

The True Story of a Peace Activist in Thatcher’s Britain by Chris Savory. Clairview Books 2020

Britain in the 1980s – strikes, the dole, IRA bombings, CND demos, poll tax riots, vegetarian food, radical feminism and an international build-up of weapons guaranteeing ‘mutually-assured destruction’.

Rejecting the privileges that life offers him, Chris Savory seeks to redress wider injustices in society by rejecting future wealth, power and status to follow his ideals. He throws himself into political struggle – living in poverty, sleeping in tents and on floors, braving the mud and cold, surviving on bean stews and wholemeal bread – to the general disapproval of respectable society. His aim? To bring about a non-violent revolution, disarmament and an eco-feminist-socialist utopia!

Oxford University in 1980 opens up a world of opportunity, but the threat of imminent nuclear war pushes Chris to make life-changing decisions. Alienated by the casual superiority of his peers, he abandons essay-writing and sherry with the Dean to embark on a constant round of organising and protesting – peace-camps, marches, illegal direct actions, communes and anarchist street theatre. The triumph of Thatcherism and the defeat of progressive politics leaves him feeling despair, anger and isolation. But having given everything to fight the system, how can he re-enter mainstream society?


At the heart of this memoir is a deeply honest and heartfelt human story, spiced with humour and colourful details of the 1980s’ counterculture. In an age of climate crisis and Extinction Rebellion, Confessions Of A Non-Violent Revolutionary is a thought-provoking and engaging record of a previous wave of mass civil disobedience and an opportunity to learn lessons from the recent history of grassroots political struggle.

 ‘… Insights into how individual action can play a role in avoiding Armageddon.’ – Billy Bragg

‘Terrific – thoroughly engaging and a real page-turner … wonderfully evocative, thought-provoking and a fascinating window into a world which until recently seemed almost old-fashioned, but now has a particular resonance in our re-politicized age.’ – Jason Webster, author of Violencia, Duende, The Anarchist Detective.

‘Intriguing – a fascinating and racy record of a life which will find many resonances in its readers. Particularly striking is its sense of journey through idealism, disillusion, and the yet remaining conviction that the struggle is not lost.’ – Harvey Gillman, author of A Light that is Shining, A Minority of One.

To get your book NOW, visit the author’s website and see if you can snag a signed copy and get it delivered FREE!

About the author

Chris has spent his whole adult life trying to make the world a better place through protest, local politics, working in the education sector, community campaigns and volunteering for social enterprises. He was born in 1961 in Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia and arrived in England aged two. He has subsequently lived in Kent, Essex, Paris, Oxfordshire, Missouri, Yorkshire, Berwickshire, Herefordshire, Dorset and South-West London. He is lucky to have been happily married for 25 years and have two adult stepchildren. He loves ukuleles, singing, watching Bridport Town and Brentford FC, rivers, soft toys, marmalade, the seaside, beer, country music and London. He struggles with chronic depression, exhaustion and joint pains.

Here’s a little factoid- I used to go past Chris’ house very day on my way to school. And never even knew!

I’ve read snippets of this book, and know it’s going to be thoroughly absorbing, poignant, fun and nostalgic. You can find out more at Google Books.

Free and bargain Elizabeth Keysian books!

Regency romantic adventure, A PERILOUS PASSION, is currently FREE from ebook sellers. Grab your copy of this INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER before the offer runs out. You can get it on Amazon, nook, kobo and iBooks.

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Although the books can be read in any order, Book 1 is DISTRACTING THE DUKE,



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Liz x

A FREE International bestselling book… and more!

To help those stuck at home cope better with these terrifying times, Entangled Publishing is running a mega sale. That means I can offer readers an ebook FREE for a limited time.

perilous light

You can get Regency romantic adventure, A PERILOUS PASSION, free RIGHT NOW. This is Book #1 in the Wanton in Wessex series.

“Miss Charlotte Allston is unwittingly ensnared in a sinister web of traitors and spies when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome stranger on the beach. Fiercely determined to redeem his honor after a humiliating military defeat, the Earl of Beckport is living incognito, hunting a band of smugglers at the center of a French plot to invade England.
The enigmatic Miss Allston instantly becomes a person of interest to the earl…and not just in the smuggling case. Passion flares swift and hot between the two. But when her attempts to help with his secret mission only endanger it, he must question where her loyalty truly lies.
Stunned by the sudden revelation that the woman he is falling for is the daughter of a notorious smuggler, Beckport feels duty-bound to report her. But then Charlotte is captured by the very traitor he’s after, forcing the earl to decide between redemption…and love.”

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All titles can be read as standalones.

wayward series


“Devonshire, England, 1820

Determined to avoid the strife-filled marriage of his parents, Marcus, the Duke of Ulvercombe, wants an amenable, biddable wife, and has set his cap for a certain pretty miss. Unfortunately, her vastly opinionated, frustrating, and lamentably beautiful guardian, Lady Clara Tinniswood, keeps distracting him, tempting him to consider a far more tempestuous—and passionate—union.

Recently widowed Lady Clara Tinniswood wants only to organize a quiet new life for herself, beyond the control of any man. But one shockingly unguarded moment while confronted by Marcus’s gloriously naked body catapults her headlong into a forbidden passion and threatens to undermine all her well-laid plans.

Even if Marcus abandons his sweet ideal and surrenders to his growing desire for Clara, there’s one unalterable issue which could destroy their hopes forever…”

This bestselling book can be bought on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.



“Oxfordshire, England, 1821

Devastated by the disappearance of his sister, the Earl of Stranraer has gone to extraordinary lengths to find the notorious rake responsible, and enters his household incognito to wreak his vengeance. But his enemy has an unexpected protector–the innocent but headstrong Miss Cassandra Blythe.

Cassie is determined to learn the art of seduction. But she is blindsided by her body’s thrilling response to the wrong man–a mysterious servant who shows up at the most inauspicious moments to spoil her lessons in love with warnings of her imminent ruin. When she learns the handsome servant’s identity and the reason for his deception, she resolves to help Stranraer, but only if he abandons his vow to destroy his enemy.

The earl is sorely tempted to give the meddlesome beauty a lesson in seduction she’ll never forget. But she turns the tables, and he gets his own lesson in forgiveness…and love.”

This bestselling book can be bought on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.



“Emma Hibbert will never again trust a good-looking man. They offer nothing but heartbreak and humiliation. But her conscience won’t let her abandon a sinfully handsome stranger needing help—even if he ignites an unwelcome passion in her. She soon realizes she should have left him in the mud where she found him, for he has the power to ruin everything…

Viscount Tidworth is anything but grateful for being rescued after a tumble from his horse. His pretty savior may be well-meaning, but forcing him to delay his journey completely wrecks his engagement plans. And Tidworth cannot let that stand. But when he discovers Emma’s true identity, he must choose between his desire for revenge…and his baffling attraction to her.”

This fabulous book can be bought on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

The fascinating story of Manet’s MUSE

Today, I am proud to be the next stopping-off point on the Drema Drudge “Victorine” Blog Tour, hosted by the Coffee Pot Book Club.

In 1863, Civil War is raging in the United States. Victorine Meurent is posing nude, in Paris, for paintings that will be heralded as the beginning of modern art: Manet’s Olympia and Picnic on the Grass.

However, Victorine’s persistent desire is not to be a model but to be a painter herself. In order to live authentically, she finds the strength to flout the expectations of her parents, bourgeois society, and the dominant male artists (whom she knows personally) while never losing her capacity for affection, kindness, and loyalty. Possessing both the incisive mind of a critic and the intuitive and unconventional impulses of an artist, Victorine and her survival instincts are tested in 1870, when the Prussian army lays siege to Paris and rat becomes a culinary delicacy.


By Drēma Drudge

Drema Drudge’s powerful first novel Victorine not only gives this determined and gifted artist back to us but also recreates an era of important transition into the modern world.

You can get the book on Amazon NOW.

Not made up your mind yet? Here’s an excerpt-

Chapter One: Portrait of Victorine Meurent, Paris, 1862

I am called The Shrimp, Le Crevette because of my height and because I am as scrappy as those little question-mark-shaped delights that I used to study when my father took me to Les Halles. I would stand before the shrimp tank and watch the wee creatures paw at the water, repeatedly attempting to scale the tank, swimming, sinking, yet always rising again. I hoped eagerly for one to crest the tank, not realizing until later that the lid was there precisely to prevent their escape.

So why am I reminded of that tank today?

Today, while I am giving a guitar lesson in my father’s lithography shop, the gifted yet controversial painter, Édouard Manet, enters the shop. He gives me the nod.

I cover the strings of my guitar with my hand to silence them.

Pѐre has mentioned Manet’s recent patronage of his shop, of course, but I have never been here when the artist has come by.

“M. Manet, this is my daughter, Victorine. I believe you’ve. . . .”

“We’ve met,” I say.

“And where is it we have met, Mademoiselle?” he asks, wincing as he looks in the vicinity of my nose.

s this a snub? I run my hand over the swollen, crooked lump of flesh on my face.

“I must be mistaken.” I turn away, smiling bitterly at my quick temper, at my trying to turn up a nose such as this. Of course he doesn’t recognize me.

I motion for my student to put her guitar away: “That’s enough for today, dear.” Though she looks at the clock with a puzzled brow, she does as I say.

My father graciously allows me to give lessons in his shop, claiming he loves to hear young musicians learning to play, though I suspect it’s more because my mother hates allowing anyone into our house besides her regular millinery clients.

Manet moves toward me, puts his face close to mine; I don’t pull away, but only because that is the way painters see.  I would have punched another man for standing so close. He snaps his fingers. “Le Crevette?” he exclaims, backs away.

I raise my chin to regard the posters on my father’s wall. The Compagnie Francaise de Chocolats et des thes declares my father’s fine sense of color, his signature mingling of coral and scarlet. The other posters reveal his repeated twinning of these colors.

Manet grasps my hand with frank friendliness that I almost believe. Want to believe. “It is you; I’ve seen you model at Coutoure’s. But what has happened to your nose?”

I rise on my toes, though the height it gives me is minimal. I motion for Gabrielle to gather her music, and she shuffles the sheets.

I move closer to him while withdrawing my hand from his, take out my emerald green enamel cigarette case (a gift from a wealthy student at Coutoure’s studio) and light a cigarette. I empty my lungs straight at the yellowing ceiling, though my torso is not a foot from his.

My father frowns and waves the smoke away; how many times must I tell him that I am eighteen and I will smoke if I please? He smokes a pipe sometimes. What’s the difference?

“I give guitar lessons now. Obviously, I’m no longer a model.”

Manet’s eyes graze on me. I stand straighter. When I realize it, I relax.

“I know just how I’ll paint you. Shall we say tomorrow at one?”

My father runs his grungy shop cloth through his hands.

I raise my chin, art lust in my eyes.

“We shall say two.”

He crooks his eyebrow. “Wear something else, will you? That frock does nothing for your apricot skin tone, much less your eyes. And wear your hair down….” He touches a section of my red hair that flows forward, and I jerk away. “No. Better wear it up.”

I glance down at my mud-colored calico dress, pick up my guitar case and make to lead my young charge out the door.

“Meurent?” he says. I smile, erase it before turning back.

“Do you know where my studio is?”

“You may leave your card with my father.”

I am well aware of the opportunity I have been offered. If it weren’t for this trouble with Willie, I would be ecstatic. As it is, I am just a flicker beyond moved.


This intriguing book is available on Amazon NOW.

About the Author

drema drudge author pic

Drēma Drudge suffers from Stendhal’s Syndrome, the condition in which one becomes overwhelmed in the presence of great art. She attended Spalding University’s MFA in Creative Writing Program where she learned to transform that intensity into fiction.

Drēma has been writing in one capacity or another since she was nine, starting with terrible poems and graduating to melodramatic stories in junior high that her classmates passed around literature class.

She and her husband, musician and writer Barry Drudge, live in Indiana where they record their biweekly podcast, Writing All the Things, when not traveling. Her first novel, Victorine, was literally written in five countries while she and her husband wandered the globe. The pair has two grown children.

In addition to writing fiction, Drema has served as a writing coach, freelance writer, and educator. She’s represented by literary agent Lisa Gallagher of Defiore and Company.

Connect with Drema: Website • Twitter • Instagram • The Painted Word Salon.

If you want to find out more about the author, the book, or its subject, why not check in to the Coffee Pot Book Club and read a review?

Drēma Drudge Blog Tour

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If you like my books, you’ll LOVE this news!

If you don’t mind, I’d love to share my Big News.

I have… takes deep breath… signed a FIVE book deal with Kathryn Le Veque’s Dragonblade Publishing house! I am so thrilled about this, and about the fact I’ll be writing stories set in the time of King Henry VIII and the amazing Queen Elizabeth I. This is a favourite era of mine, not least because I spent a lot of time in my younger days as a Tudor re-enactor. The series is called Trysts and Treachery, and Book 1, Lord of Deception, should be out in June.

Prepare for sizzle, suspense, and much buckling of swash!

In another stroke of luck, I entered an on-line auction to raise money for Aussie firefighters, and won an editing and graphics package. Kudos to Kellie and Charli of Beyond the Pages for organising it. I look forward to working with Matt from Sentinel Designs and Samantha from Blazing Butterfly. This means my Victorian saga, Beautiful Outcast, will be ready for both shelves and ereaders a lot earlier than planned!

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