A Potion for Passion

The handsome rogue who steals her heart couldn’t possibly be in league with murderers…

Could he?

When an accident with hair tonic leads Miss Flora Hartington into the lurid world of gipsies, charlatans and fortune tellers, she has no intention of losing her virtue to one of them.

But the charismatic Dr. Lawrence Campaign disguises her as his assistant, offering her a brief escape from the shackles of propriety.

This traveling physician has plans of his own, which don’t involve falling in love with the courageous Flora, particularly after she betrays his secret to the authorities, and throws him under the shadow of the gallows.

Then he saves the life of a stranger whose revelations could either make him worthy of Flora, or tear him away from her forever.

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“A Potion for Passion is an absolute must read for Regency Romance enthusiasts who want a new and fascinating view into the larger world beyond the ballroom. This is a fun story in the hands of a skilled author and passionate historian whose love for the era shines through in every sentence. What a delight!” Ingrid Hahn, author of  LADY OF THE CRESCENT MOON

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