TODAY you can get A PERILOUS PASSION for only 99 cents, AND enter a prize draw!!!

This is fantastic news for the discerning reader, which of course you must be, as you’re visiting this blog.

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Here’s the story-

When your country’s future is at stake, be careful who you fall in love with…

Dorset, 1804

He’s risking his life to save England from invasion.

She’s young, stunning, secretive, and wants to help.

But is the disgraced daughter of a smuggler the best ally for a spy-catcher? Especially when he can barely keep his hands off her…

If you like steamy romance, heroic action and a Happy Ever After ending, you’ll love this book!

❤️“Lots of laughs mingled with an intriguing story.” Petula

❤️“Absolutely brilliant book.” Gwessie

❤️“A book that I didn’t want to end.” Michelle

Grab your copy NOW while the offer lasts.

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I’m offering a mystery Elizabeth Keysian paperback to one lucky US or UK resident! 

Just do the quiz below, and let me know your answers by commenting on the pinned post on my Facebook page. 


1. Which one of these was a notorious highwayman (inspiring a ruse used by the hero of A Perilous Passion)? Was it-

a) Jack the Ripper,

b) Claud Duval, or

c) Simon Templar?



2. What was the ultimate penalty for smuggling in 1804 (the year in which A Perilous Passion is set)? Was it-

a) Hanging,

b) the ducking stool, or

c) beheading?


ice skating

3. What was an ice house (where a character from A Perilous Passion is imprisoned) used for in Georgian England? Was it-

a) to give shelter when ice skating in bad weather,

b) a dwelling in the far north of Scotland, or

c) A place to make and store ice?



4. How did real-life smuggler Isaac Gulliver (on whom I based the heroine’s father in A Perilous Passion) evade capture by the Revenue Men? Did he-

a) hide in a barrel at the bottom of the village pond,

b) dress as a woman and hide in a hollow oak tree, or

c) lie in an open coffin pretending to be dead?


lace 2

5) When was lace (which caused trouble between the hero and heroine of A Perilous Passion) first invented? Was it-

a) the 400s

b) the 1500s, or

c) the 1900s?

You can now order the sequel to A Perilous Passion, A POTION FOR PASSION here!

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