A fun, fabulous review! And a prize draw reminder…

baron cover

Beguiling the Baron is a little different from what Elizabeth Keysian usually writes, but it was just as amazing as her other books! It has only been the last few months that I’ve grown to appreciate gothic romances, so I was thrilled to find out a favoured author of mine wrote one. I completely devoured it!

The story was beautifully written, unpredictable and had me on the edge of my seat. I could feel the excitement and suspense deep in my stomach. I couldn’t get enough! The characters were brilliant. The hero and heroine were both very strong, fascinating and REAL. I love how Elizabeth Keysian writes characters a person can connect with. The characters are incredibly likeable through their struggles, flaws, and all. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was believable and seductive.

I’ll be adding this to my pile of books to reread. It was a complete page turner, and one I really WANT to read again. A resounding 5 stars. Candace Nagy, Goodreads

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