The latest sumptuous offering from Dragonblade author, Emily Royal

What the Hart Wants by Emily Royal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Woohoo! Another fabulous offering from the pen of Emily Royal. I love a strong, determined hero who gets stopped in his tracks by a feisty heroine. Even better if that hero is a muscular Scot who makes one weak at the knees!
Despite her prejudices, the heroine, Delilah, is persuaded to overcome her inherent dislike of the aristocracy. Well, who wouldn’t, with the delicious Fraser MacGregor to spar with? And there are plenty of other intriguing characters adding colour to the story—I can’t wait to meet them again in future stories. Ahhh- Fraser MacGregor. Not just a Scot, but a duke too- my dreams will be sweet tonight!

This book will be out tomorrow- grab your copy HERE.

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