A Treat for Easter!

Fancy a FREE spine-tingler to consume during Easter Weekend? 😜 Based on true accounts, THE GREY LADY OF THE MANOR is a sweet Tudor romance wrapped up in a genuine ghost story. Get it free NOW! https://www.bklnk.com/B0BGKKTY2K
Two spooks for the price of one!
Screaming skull legend!
Haunted bridge!
Wicked stepmother!
May Day revels!
Gregarious geese!

Here’s the story-

When the magic of love becomes something darker and the night hides more than just May Day revels.

Deep in the Essex countryside, the Grey Lady of Patience Bridge lures unwary travelers to their deaths. At nearby Temple Roding manor, superstitious maidservant Letty believes herself cursed, and is desperate for help. The irrepressible Perkin is secretly enlisted to quell her fears but he soon discovers that something unearthly is stalking Letty. Why has it picked on this innocent young beauty, and could the haunting be connected with the Grey Lady’s tragedy?

To free herself, Letty hazards everything in a daring gamble, and the smitten Perkin agrees to help. But if her plan fails, it won’t just be the dead who are determined to take their revenge on the pair, but the living as well.

And the living can be far more dangerous…

Don’t miss out on your book. Free for a limited time only!

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